The Western Women's Summit



12 amazing women have come together to make The Western Women's Summit a reality. They each have their own strengths and experience to share from. They have all been encouraged to share from the heart and in a way that best represents them. You will get to know their teaching style, their expertise, and more through this summit!

Meet our mentors below!




Although I am an Iowa girl, and first started riding horses there, at heart (I grew up in Indianola and went to the University of Iowa), I am proud to call the AZ desert “home.” Corral West - which began as a way to rescue “a few horses” each year, quickly snowballed into a 100% rescue operation in just a few years. At Corral West, we rescue, rehabilitate and either adopt out or use our rescues for trail rides in the Sonoran Desert. Corral West is just a side hustle but it is truly a passion project and a labor of love. Small business ownership is hard and rescue is hard but helping other small business owners and women find their “why” is my true passion. When you have a North Star guiding you - it’s easy to let the big challenges become small hurdles. For my full time job I am an educator for the Grassroots Leadership Academy. Empowering everyday people to more effectively push for change with their lawmakers and elected officials is my other passion. I love helping people: whether it’s citizens or the horses or other women, find their voice and purpose through passion.



I’m Kaylee McDonald, I own Arrow K Designs. I am a mama, cowboys wife, graphic designer, lifestyle photographer, brand identity specialist, and lover of all things ranchy. I grew up in California and moved to Texas for school, where I met my husband and we had my daughter. We are currently located in California (temporarily) for work! I love designing logos, and helping my clients build brand identities that last. Oh, and I am an avid coffee and margarita enthusiast. 



Malorie Walker, owner and maker of Burlap Bovine, has been a full-time entrepreneur for 5 years creating handmade cowhide and leather accessories to help her customers differ from the herd. When she’s not in her workshop, she’s probably dancing! Malorie also choreographs dances for a local elementary school’s drama program and teaches, substitutes, and doubles as a receptionist/right hand woman at a local dance studio. This is how you know every time a purchase is made from burlapbovine.comthat the happy dances are real! She lives in Lincoln, CA with her husband, Drake, and their cat, MuzzlePuffs. She has always loved connecting with others and sparking joy where she can. She aims to do just that through her business and her community activities.



My name is Shelby Smith and I am an experienced model and western influencer based in Junction, Texas.

I have been modeling for the western fashion industry for 6 years  and I am a multi published model. I was the cover model for the May Edition of RockN W Report Magazine and One of the top 5 finalists for the 2020 RockN W Report's Girl Boss Awards for Best Western Fashion Blogger. Recently I was published in Cowgirls In Style Magazine that was released at the 2021 Wrangler NFR.

I was also a finalist for Kimes Ranch Jeans in 2019. I also have had the privilege to walk in the Denim and Velvet Fashion show at Mandalay bay during the 2019 and 2021 Wrangler NFR.

I also released my own NFR collection with Ranch & Famous Boutique as well.

I have designed and partnered with Baha Ranch Western Wear on a swimsuit line for Summer 2022, Yeehaw X Southern Beauty.

I’ve also modeled for The Wranglin’ Mama.

I’m very passionate about the brands I represent. All of the people I have met in connection to these brands are some amazing people and I absolutely love representing them and their stories. Every brand has a different story and every owner has had their fair share of struggles trying to get their success. If it wasn't for these brands giving me a chance and investing in my dream, I would have never know what it was like to represent them and what they stand for.



Hi, I'm India! My love for freedom and flexibility has driven me to be a small business owner and freelance operations manager. With a combined 5 years of experience as a small business owner and operations manager I specialize in keeping small business organized, on-track, and scaling. I've worked in a wide range of industries from photography, e-commerce, marketing, PEMF therapy, life coaching and more!

When I'm not working I enjoy riding my horse, spending time with family and traveling the country with my fiancé who is a PRCA bull rider.

I love helping other small business owners or freelancers whenever I can, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions! 



Hey! I’m Karissa! Western home decor enthusiast, Texas obsessed, wife and mama of 4! We live on a little slice of heaven in small town USA known as Peaster. I’ve always had a passion for home decor and decided to start sharing my journey with the world in 2019. I have worked with small businesses and even some larger companies such as Rod’s Western Palace! I am the Queen of shoving the chaos aside to get that beautifully clean content that business owners look for when working with content creators! I am excited to share all of my tips and tricks with you when trying to create the perfect content while amidst the chaos!




Hey, Lindsey West here! I am a freedom chaser and an ambitious mompreneur of four living out my dreams with my husband in NE Missouri. Almost four years ago, I left Corporate America for good to live out my mission creating a life of TOTAL FREEDOM: to have the ability to make CHOICES & have spend my time how I want, with the people I love, doing awesome things, with ZERO GUILT! Being an entrepreneur was bred into me and I’m forever grateful for that path it’s led me on.

As a busy mom, entrepreneur, and a rodeo family, I know managing the kids, multiple businesses, traveling and life in general, that chaos is inevitable. What I also know is that to find success and “balance,” in spite of the craziness, requires a certain level of belief and a mindset to pull you through the ups and downs and to give you peace of mind, knowing that you are in control… of your thoughts, your actions and your goals!

I’m a firm believer that there’s no such thing as FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT! Personal growth is NECESSARY to “making it!” It takes practice, patience, commitment…and surrounding yourself with the right people (that’s why you’re here ) who have been where you are, who have learned through experience and are willing to POUR INTO YOU, encourage you, listen to those feelings and irrational thoughts…and help you turn them around and rewire those beliefs that you KNOW aren’t true in the first place!
Whether you’re struggling or succeeding in life, you are still allowed to and inevitably WILL still feel ALL the feelings (the highs and the lows)…your mindset will either keep you stuck or will push you through the suck and bring your out stronger on the other side!

You can be “LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE” and still be a work in progress! It’s all about getting a little better than the day before and taking RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for your life + your business.

I can’t wait to share my journey with you and what I’ve learned along the way…and am still learning…to help you LEVEL UP your mindset for success that will carry over into all areas of your life!



Hey y’all, my name is Emily Umphenour, I’m the owner of Hells Half Acre Design & Photography. 

I’ll keep this short and sweet! I started HHA in 2020, in the middle of a pandemic.  Everyone told me I was crazy, that I’d fizzle out. Well, two years later I’m still here! The look of my business has changed quite a bit from when my husband and I started. We started with beaded chokers & have evolved into mostly photography now. About eight months ago I decided to go ALL IN. Full time. Best. Decision. Ever. Join us on May 16th & 17th to hear my story and SO MANY OTHERS. Why work for “the man”, when you can be “the (wo)man”. 

Peace & Blessins

~ EMU 



Markie Hageman is a first-generation, beginner rancher from California's Central Valley. She began her beef advocacy journey in 2017 after completing the Masters of Beef Advocacy program and was selected for the Top of The Class program in 2019 as well. In 2018, she started her Girls Eat Beef Too social media page and has shared her journey through the beef industry ever since! Markie is an officer for the Fresno-Kings Counties Cattlewomen and is thankful for all that her state and national beef organizations have offered her.



Hi I’m Elana!
I was born and raised in Tucson, AZ. My mom is from Ukraine, and my dad is from Peru. They are both still a bit perplexed as to how I got into the western industry since I wasn’t raised in it. I blame my dad for putting me on my first horse and taking me to my first rodeo at 6 years old in a pink felt hat and pink boots to match, I’ve been hooked ever since! It all started with my love for animals. We couldn’t afford riding lessons growing up so as soon as I turned 17 and moved out on my own I started volunteering at an equine therapy ranch. I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could. I’m also a physiology major and by volunteering I just so happened to stumble upon something that uniquely combined both of my passions, horses and medicine. The further I dove into the western industry and the more I learned, the more in love I fell with it. I may not have been blessed enough to be raised in this lifestyle but I’m determined to work hard to ensure that my babies will be



Hey, there! I’m Molly. I’m a small-town Iowa girl who thought she wanted to be a high school teacher. After 3 years instructing on all things Shakespeare and American authors, life called me out of the classroom and into the role of stay-at-home mom.


You see, being a stay-at-home mom was great, but I knew that I needed little more. And I knew there were lots of small-town business owners in my hometown of Cascade, Iowa, who could use some assistance in their daily operations. 

So after helping one business owner set up his company on the new Facebook Business Pages and running some successful campaigns, another local owner reached out asking for social media help, then another and another, and in 2017 Molly Knuth Media was born.

Since then, Molly Knuth Media has evolved into your small business support team. Our goal is to help small town small businesses market themselves better online and know the next best step for growth. MKM team members now offer administrative assistance, graphic and web design, SEO support, marketing coaching and consulting, educational programming, podcast production, and of course social media marketing. 

You can do big things in small towns, and we can support you along the way.



Hey! I'm Sophia Sulzner aka The Western Shop Specialist aka the host of The Western Huslte Podcast aka the founder of The Punchy Posse aka... it's getting to be a long list. I am also know as mom and honey around my house to my kids and husband. When I'm not coming up with a new idea for bringing the community of western business women together and giving them endless resources, I am hauling my kids to a rodeo, practice, or church. I am always busy! I have spent over 5 years working with small business owners and about 2 years being soley focused on business owners in the western and agricultural communities. I have a special place in my heart for women who choose to build thier business and life in these areas and I choose to give back to them! My focus has been social media strategy, website design, and mentoring for the past few years. I have grown into a role that allows me to see and address what is working and what isn't in your business. What is appealing and what needs to be taken up a notch or adjusted to be more successful. I hope to connect with you soon and lend my experience to you as well!